Sunday, July 5, 2009


"How do we emboss?," "What does embossing do?," "That sounds hard, really how hard is it?," These are questions I get asked frequently when I mention embossing to people. The answers can be found here and in doing an embossing project.

Here are the steps for Heat embossing. (Please note you can do this with thick clear ink and use either clear or colored embossing powder or you can use a thick pigment style ink with a clear powder.)

Things You Need:

Image Stamp
Embossing Ink(Versa Mark, Thick Pigment Ink like Stampin Up! Craft Ink)
Embossing Powder
Heat Tool
Powder Pals trays or scrap paper

Optional(yet preferred)
Embossing Buddy

1) Prepare your surface by rubbing Embossing Buddy Lightly over entire surface(this will help to keep little bits of embossing powder from sticking with static on your project)

2) Press your stamp firmly into your ink being sure the entire image you want embossed is covered with the ink

3) Press stamp straight onto project

4) Pour embossing powder over entire image

5) Shake off extra powder into powder pals tray (Or onto scrap paper)

6) Gently Tap back of project to get loose powder from it.

7) Heat with heat tool. (You will start to see what I call the melting of the powder this is normal just keep moving the heat tool to spots that haven't "melted" yet unti lthe whole thing is done)

8) While it is cooling(takes all of about 2-5 seconds) you can put the embossing powder back in the container but pulling the plug on the powder pals and tip over your container soit flows back in. Or if using paper bend it to make a path for the powder to flow into the container smoothly.

9)Embelish and finish your project you are done!!!!

I will try to attach photos tomorrow.

As you can see a few easy steps and you have an embossed image. Nothin' To It!!!!

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