Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Sorry all

I completely spaced on Sunday and did not write on another way to emboss. So here it goes.

This week is Dry Embossing....

To do this you will need:

A light source w/flat surface(a window works well as does a light table)
A Stencil
A stylus (tool to rub paper w/inside stencil)

Let's begin:

  1. Tape your stencil to your light source being careflu not to tape over the image itself.(If using a light table go ahead and turn it on)
  2. Place you paper over the stencil
  3. Use you stylus to rub the paper into the image making sure you get all along the inner edge and fully inside.
  4. Place on your project and embelich as you see fit. (Below I have place a few extra things you can do with this image)


Using a sponge dauber go over the image(or just around/inside where ever you want really) with chalk or ink

Using a two way glue pen trace over the image and add glitter

Trace image w/marker or colored pencils

Now go make your project and see how easy it is.

Next week I plan to talk about Wet Embossing!!!!

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